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Introducing Largosonic Productions
What if you desire a lively and vibrant sounding orchestral recording, but your project's budget doesn't permit hiring live musicians?
Booking a large scoring stage for productions can be costly and logistically challenging. We believe there is an easier way. Our production template provides a lively orchestral ensemble sound that we offer as a service. As in regular mockup workflows, the composer remains in control of the process, but won't need to think months in advance when reserving scoring stages, or spend countless hours adjusting the balance of live players with samples. Instead, composers can send their MIDI data to Largosonic for rendering, and receive back the audio STEMs.
Watch the video here:


Introducing Largosonic Productions

We offer a direct solution for composers on a tighter budget, who want to finalize their ambitious orchestral MIDI-based productions. These might contain intricate and fast string instrument phrases, or soaring melodies with many articulation transitions, which are nearly impossible to achieve with sample libraries. With only basic MIDI input data from the composer, our modeling-based template can render realistic playing, and credibly reproduce the sound of lush ensembles, whether it's strings, woodwinds or brass - and all these can be scaled in size.
To finalize the product, one of our skilled specialists will book a remote session with the composer to refine the performance and produce the STEMs rendering.
Here is a video showing the process:


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Introducing Largosonic Productions
We will provide a quotation taylored to your specific needs. Our multilingual support team operates across multiple time zones and can accommodate tight schedules on short notice.


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Traditionally, composers on limited budgets would arrange for a small-scale studio session ~ $ 1,500 USD consisting of "first-chair" players, to blend with a sample library mockup recording, the so-called "hybrid" method. But for large productions, composers would instead book a full orchestra or ensemble on a scoring stage, costing ~ $ 15,000 USD per session for a typical soundtrack production. This is a long-waiting-time commitment to make as it involves large teams of unionized highly-specialized employees, and doesn't always turn out the way composers expect it to. We believe that our Largosonic template is the best compromise between using purely sample libraries, the hybrid method, and the costly scoring stage solution. Here is an overview of our features (5: best, and 1: worst performing):


We would like to thank the following companies for their years of hard work in developing products that make Largosonic technology even possible.
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How much does your service cost, and how do you scale your pricing with the project's length and complexity?
Can you also render brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles?
Remind me again why your method is an advantage compared to others? How good is it really compared to live players?
I find it ethically more appealing to hire live players for a studio session.
What would I be paying if I were to hire a real orchestra? What are the disadvantages?
Why wouldn't you just hire a very inexpensive small chamber orchestra and double/triple them in post-processing to achieve larger ensemble sizes?
Why should we bother to use your service, when we directly could use Samplemodeling Solo, Chamber & Ensemble Strings, or Audiomodeling Ensemble Strings, and Aaron Venture's Infinite Strings (also Woodwinds and Brass etc) when available?
Could someone reverse engineer your rendering engine, and offer the same service? Why hasn't anybody tried this before?
Why isn't it enough to use Noteperformer?
Why can't we just use layered stacks of commercial sample libraries (i.e. LASS + CSS) to achieve a sound like yours?
I have a subscription to some commercial providers who will be releasing sample libraries for the future to come, so there will be plenty of articulations and performance-based articulations to choose from. Why can't I just use samples?
Why do you insist on having your own baked-in ambience (choice of scoring stage and early reflections), and not let our mixing engineer take care of that using dry STEMS as a starting point?
Can I provide to you just basic MIDI data (note on/off and modwheel), and you would then improve it further? Can you work with sparse MIDI and some rough guidelines/score notations?
How do you work, and how fast can you deliver the final STEMs?
Would it work to book your services only to showcase a superior grade mockup to a (film) director for final approval, before proceeding to booking a commercial scoring stage and committing to such a large investment?
What led you to develop Largosonic and to offer it as a service?
How future-proof is your technology platform, and how can it scale with increasing demand from clients?
How does it work for performance-based and mechanical royalties? Is Largosonic Productions eligible to have any part?
What forms of payment do you accept and how does it work with commissioning your service?