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Tokaj Classic *


The owners of the winery, Carl Gustav Settelmeier and Martin Schneider, two musicians from

The Hessen State Theatre, Wiesbaden, established the winery in the early 90’s

after privatisation took place. The established vines in the finest area of grand cru vineyards

produced their first outstanding  vintage in 1994. Their object was to offer, according to the

old tradition, a top-notch wine. For me it was love at first sight when the wines were presented.

This is the epitome of Tokaj wine. Immediately, I was reminded of the old Tokaj



Tokaj Furmint 1999:

This dry wine was presented at the very end of the tasting session after the sweet 6 put. Aszú.

Initially, it showed only half its potential. After my tastebuds lost the sweet sensation, I was amazed.

This was a unique and unusually full-bodied wine. After a pause of several hours,

I tasted it again. Not only did it exhibit beauty, but also depth and character. I am convinced

of its grandiose ability to age and develop further. I am certain that in 10 to 15 years

an amazing positive development will occur. The wine has an unusual aroma, but from its

structure and concentration it resembles a White Burgundy and a Riesling. Put several bottles

away in the cellar and taste them in several years. It is now quite drinkable , in its “youth”,

There are not many wines under Fr. 10- that can attain this quality.


Tokaji Late Harvest 2003

In Tokaj first the “Trockenbeeren “are harvested, then by end of December the remaining

berries on the vine—the Late Harvest.These are a mixture of both shrivelled healthy berries

and those berries affected by Botrytis. On the nose, it is a clean and fine botrytis. The wine

has the aroma  of almost overripe yellow fruits, honey and the finest linden and gooseberry

blooms. It flows soft and creamy over the tongue, the play of sweet-sour is perfectly

harmonic. It is a prelude to the sweet wine, with its magical play of aromas…wonderful!


Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 1998


With its unmistakable aroma of a great Tokaj, with its wafting of ripe apricots, pears,

oranges, mint and linden flowers, this wine is both stimulating and silky.

Refined and aromatic, it coats the gums, reaching into the far corners of the mouth,

leaving an elegance typical of an Aszú.


Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos 1997


Intensive aroma of orange marmalade, ripe yellow fruits, caramel and honey. Creamy, soft

flavours, a true explosion of aromas characterize this Aszú. Elegant acidity dance an aromatic

Samba. Tokaj  Aszú at its finest. With wines such as this, the Tokaj wine district will once

again rise to new heights, reclaiming its former renown as the greatest sweet wine in the world.


Written by Gerstl / Badaracco Switzerland